Summary-2015 fund raising projects

What a thriller the year 2015 has been for Bike-Aid (Singapore).

But what thrillers are there for the beneficiaries of Ride for Rations (RfR) 2015? Would they not be concerned more with what is on the stove and on the plate? let’s reel back to the year in action in Bike Aid.

Wasn’t it awesome that as cyclists filled their pledge cards, another programme “Giving Back to Cyclists” was unfolding. What more with workshops on proper cycling techniques, preventing cycling injuries, proper stretching and even yoga!

Alright, now payback…..and everyone did. Raising funds so that 330 households and 100 primary school children can continue receiving their monthly rations and daily breakfasts respectively. As we raised, we raced……or rather cycled. 240km…. from Malacca to Singapore. There were moments of fun….and pain….like the head winds for over 40km from Batu Pahat onwards. Where nature brought our speeds down to the teens….as if telling us that such is the pain too of empty stomachs.

Thank God, it wasn’t all in vain. Just like other supporting events…..the 1000km ride that dovetailed in with the Malacca-Singapore ride…….the sale of potted plants, photo portraits and the recycling of bicycles for resident.

But wouldn’t giving a fishing line be preferred over giving fish? Certainly, if only we could nip the problem of poverty in the bud. And the idea of a study corner for under privileged children began to gain traction.

Thanks to Prudential, Prudence and all sponsors without whom there wouldn’t have been the Prudential Charity Ride. It was on a bright, sunny morning that 165 cyclists took to the road…..covering either 50km or 100km round island. With the blazing afternoon sun, would you blame some who found a short cut and covered 93km!!? After all, the funds have been raised; plans are progressing ….. and soon we will see the birth of a study corner in Chai Chee.

And this will require mentors, volunteers, teachers, counsellors, etc. That calls for another thriller. Make sure you volunteer!!


Prudential Charity Ride


Contribution: “Education is the greatest engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor….that the child of a farm worker can become the president of a nation.”
Nelson Mandela

Wondering if you can help in the above through your passion for cycling? Wonder no more.


Prudential Charity Ride is being organised to support the set up of a learning corner in Chai Chee for Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd, a registered charity & IPC.
This learning corner aims to provide school-going children and youths, at no cost to them,

  1. with a conducive learning environment for school going children/youth, which is missing in many of the 1-2 room flats they stay in, where the homes are either cluttered, poorly lit or poorly ventilated.
  2. enhance and uplift of the skills/knowledge/values of the above group through the provision of skills/knowledge by relevant organisations.


All participating cyclists are required to pay a registration fee of $50/-. This will cover the provision of 1 event jersey, insurance, drinks and light refreshments at the end of the ride. Any savings will be channelled towards the set up of the learning corner.


In addition to registration fees, cyclists are invited to make a personal contribution that will go towards the above cause.

Charity Ride Details:

June 21st 2015

Flag off:   7.30am from Orchid Country Club, Yishun

End at:     Orchid Country Club.

To Register: visit

Organised by 

Supported by Prudence (Prudential Managers’ Association)


Bike-Aid (Singapore) cycles from Malacca to Singapore for charity

Bike-Aid (Singapore) cycles from Malacca to Singapore for charity

Cycling for a Cause (2013)

Cycling for a Cause, Singapore International Foundation

Ride for Rations 2011 Memories

Ride For Rations 2011
Malacca to Singapore
8th of July to 10th of July 2011

On the 9th and 10th of July 2011, members of Bike-Aid Singapore organized a charity rid from Malacca to Singapore, ‘Ride for Rations 2011’, in aid of needy, socioeconomically challenged families and residents registered with the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link, a project by the Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd which is registered under the Charities Act.

The ‘Ride for Rations’ comprised of: an approximately 102 kilometers ride from Malacca (Emperor Hotel) to Batu Pahat (Crystal Inn Hotel) on the 9th of July, and subsequently, an approximately 135 kilometers ride from Batu Pahat to the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link which is located at Block 3 Marsiling Road.Beyond participating in the ‘Ride for Rations’, the 60 cyclists who registered for the Ride were encouraged (and expected to) engage in a fundraising drive and accumulate a minimum sum of S$500 each for the deserving beneficiary prior to the Ride.

The contributions of participants, cyclists and supporters alike, exceeded expectations throughout the two-day Ride and in the collection of donations, which amounted to a sum of S$78,122. There were no organizational costs incurred for the ‘Ride for Rations’ as participants (cyclists and supporters) paid for their own accommodation, meals and various other individual costs incurred in the course of the Ride, ensuring as such, that every dollar and cent collected in donations was channeled to the beneficiary. These funds were immediately, in August 2011, channeled to the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link to purchase monthly rations amounting to S$70, from August 2011 to July 2012, for 93 needy homes (families and residents) registered with the charity.

The list of deserving families registered with the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link indeed extends to 868 families living in rental one-room flats, approximately 80% of who are elderly and suffer from medical and intellectual infirmities, and have been made reliant upon minimal monthly financial help from self- help bodies which are often used for the coverage of rental, conservancy, electricity and basic food. The staff at Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link solely, according to meticulous needs-based criterion, selected the list of 93 deserving families to which the amount raised from the ‘Ride for Rations 2011’ was channeled. Beyond the ‘Ride for Rations 2011’, a significant number of participants in the Ride who have witnessed the gratitude expressed by families registered with the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link for the monthly rations, have regularly been involved in the monthly distribution of rations and supporting the charity in its efforts to provide medical, nutritional, educational and recreational support services for the elderly and vulnerable families in the area.

Memories captured on film (login to facebook maybe required)

Memories from RFR2011

Ride for Rations 2012 – Recollection

Ride for Rations 2012   (Malacca – Singapore)

On the 7th and 8th of July 2012, Bike-Aid (Singapore) organized the Ride for Rations 2012 to support needy families and resident registered with the Neighbourhood Links of the charity, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

The Ride for Rations 2012 that involved 80 dedicated cyclists pedaling from Malacca to Singapore, a distance of about 240 kilometers, was a huge success and raised more than S$150,000 for the aid of the beneficiary.

The contributions of participants, cyclists and supporters alike, exceeded expectations throughout the two-day Ride and in the collection of donations.

All cyclists who registered for the Ride were enthusiastically devoted to the cause and engaged in a fundraising drive, accumulating a minimum sum of S$500 each for the beneficiary prior to the Ride. There were no organizational costs incurred for the Ride for Rations 2012 as participants (cyclists and supporters) paid for their own accommodation, meals and various other individual costs incurred in the course of the Ride, ensuring as such, that every dollar and cent collected in donations was channeled to the beneficiary.

As such, the total amount raised through the event (more than S$150,000) was channeled towards sponsoring monthly rations (amounting to S$70 per family) for 199 deserving families registered with the Sunlove Home Neighbourhood Links for the period of August 2012 to July 2013.

Cyclists and supporters, keep the wheels rolling for Ride for Rations 2013!



 In the Words of the 2012 Ride for Rations Participants:

Manoharan Pariasamy: I have participated in 2 ironmans( Aust and Germany) which are world renowned organization with huge support crew. But none have came close to the support given by our organization and support crew for ride for ration. A big salute to all those who made this such a wonderful experience to me and the rest of the riders. Cheers.

John Chua:   fantastic job organisers! i came for the first time, not expecting anything much, but i was totally blown away by the amazing level of support!! from giving directions, to providing us with cold drinks and food, and the cheering we get as we rode past, they were all more than what anyone can wish for.

Kevin Lee : Dear crew: I know it’s not magic that put the food, the drinks in the cars, and the cars don’t drive themselves. Thanks for being at the junctions, at the hotels and by the roadside. Thanks for being there for us.

Gillian O’Flynn:  I’m just echoing what everyone else that has participated has already said…… Awesome Job by everyone!! To our amazing organizers & support crew, without U guys we could never have made it. To all the fun riders, U guys make it worth the trip to ride & hang out with U all:) Where do I sign for next year.

Husain Khanali: Hi dear friends, I am Husain, it was a privilege to be with this charity ride for the 2nd year. God willing I will ride again next year. My thanks to the fantastic volunteers for their support and encouragement throughout the 2 days. I also met alot of friends who cheered me on when my tired legs were telling me to stop. My idol Manohar for his belief in me. To all the organisers for planning this memorable event.

G P Riders Tay: Well Done & A Big Thank You to the Organiser & to all volunteers.

Vimaljit Kaur : Thanks from all the riders to the wonderful support crew who cheered us on and coming to the rescue when anything went wrong

Pf Poon: Kudos to all the wonderful organizers and support staff! Fantastic job! Just want to let you know that you are very, very, very much appreciated!

Mohamad Husainy:  First time taking part in an open overseas ride. Great ride, great company and best of all, a very well organised event! Cheers to the committee!! Thank you.

Amy SL Low: Thank You Organisers! Well plan trip, lovely ride. Thank U support Crew for your Tender Loving Care, bananas, rambutans and endless drinks supply under the joy sun! Thank U Cyclists for the wonderful journey! Thank u Kakis for the Beer. Good Job people!

2009: in aid of Baan Unrak Children’s Home

| Sponsors || Brochure || Participants || Briefing Slides || Info Booklet |

Bangkok – Sangkhlaburi
30th October – 5th November 2009


Raise S$50,000 to fund the extension of an orphanage known as Baan Unrak (“House of Joy”) – a community development project and a home in aid of orphans and destitute women in Sangkhlaburi, northwest Thailand.


Pedal 360 km in 3 days, from Bangkok to Sangkhalaburi.

Enjoy a wonderful tour of the Thai countryside and raise funds for a meaningful cause.


Participants must raise a minimum of S$1,000 in donations. All project expenses will be shared among participants.

Every dollar collected will be channeled to the building of the extension to the orphanage.


Fri, 30 Oct: Leave Singapore (evening flight)

Start ride

Sat, 31 Oct (Day 1): Bangkok to Khanchanburi
Sun, 1 Nov (Day 2): Khanchanburi to Thong Pha Phum
Mon, 2 Nov (Day 3): Thong Pha Phum to Baan Unrak

End Ride

Tue, 3 Nov: Depart Baan Unrak/Transport to Bangkok
Wed, 4 Nov: Rest & Relax in Bangkok
Thu, 5 Nov: Flight back to Singapore (late afternoon flight)

Only 30 riders will be accepted.

Conditions for participation:
(1) Pay a registration fee of $500 (accommodation on a twin-sharing basis) or $600 (single). All registration fees will be pooled together and used to cover expenses of the project such as accommodation, air tickets, etc.
(2) Each participant must collect a minimum of S$1,000 in donations for Baan Unrak (this needs to be submitted before departure)
(3) Each participant must satisfy the Organizing Committee of his/her fitness to complete the ride

For more information, please email:

To register, please call:
+65 9109 9720 (Manjit)

Enduro 2008 for Down Syndrome Association, Singapore.

In aid of Down Syndrome Association, Singapore

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PROJECT – 2008
It’s Done!

 Singapore’s first 24-hour, round-island, Charity ride!
8th – 9th Nov 2008


Whilst you may have sore legs, not to mention in other areas, you should feel very proud and happy to have made history and taken part in Singapore’s inaugural round-the-island 24hr charity ride! It was not an easy challenge and everyone of you deserves a huge cheer and round of applause! Hip-hip hurray!

To have taken part in Enduro’08 demonstrates willpower, cycling prowess, determination, discipline, team spirit and above all, the willingness to help others! Thank you for having taken up the challenge in the name of charity.

It was not an easy ride for anyone: First, it was the heat of the day; then the evening traffic; followed by the graveyard hours; to make it more interesting there was the violent storm; and then dawn came and ” the light at the end of the tunnel” as the 24hrs drew to a close. We believe that everyone who took part has achieved something special, be it in completing one loop or furthest distance cycled or amount raised for charity or just simply participating.

Above all, this was a charity event and the Down Syndrome Association thanks each and everyone of you: “Our members with Down syndrome and their families, felt very welcomed and we were impressed by the strong show of support we received from all of the participants. We were glad to be given the opportunity to show our members’ abilities as well as to create a greater awareness about Down syndrome”.

To date, S$ 129,000 has been raised, but with per km sponsorship still to come, plus other pledged amounts, we hope to see this increase further in the next few days. This is a fantastic achievement! Obviously after the event it is hard to keep momentum but we do need all donations in as soon as possible! For cash and cheque donations, please use the pledge envelopes and submit them to us. Contact us to arrange a convenient time to meet. As for the on-line web portal, this will remain open until 16 November. If you, or your donors, wish to use the on-line payment, please do so before 16 November!

Once we have all donations in and computed final distances we will be sending out to you a certificate of participation.

Some facts and figures about the ride:

Total registered: (including one walk-in…or should it be cycle-in?): 89
Total who started: 84
Total who completed at least one lap: 82 (97.6%)

Greatest number of laps: 6 (Relay Team: Stars B)

Furthest distances:

Relay: 708km, 6 laps (Stars B – Edward Blair, Ian Tate, Marc Rudajev)
Solo: 626km, 5+ laps (James Middleditch and Charles Monneron)
Team: 472km, 4 laps (Singapore Stars – Alan Grant, Adam Horler, Richard Parkinson)

Fastest Lap: 3hr 26 min (James Middleditch)

Here are a few final, post ride tips to help your weary bodies:

  • Stretch those muscles! Legs, back, arms, shoulders, will all have suffered. Do proper stretching to aid recovery and eliminate stiffness.
  • A massage is a great idea too, but no need to cost you a fortune as you can perform self-massage especially on legs and shoulders.
  • Eat right. Post event eating is as important as pre-event eating. Add back in the carbo and proteins. Nuts, especially almonds, do wonders for muscle tissue repair. And don’t forget to drink (not just beer!)
  • Service your bike. Your poor bike suffered too! Do clean it thoroughly and check it fully before taking to the road again. Better still, have it properly serviced.

The entire Bike Aid Enduro’08 committee extends their thanks and admiration to you all for having taken up the challenge of Enduro’08. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the event!

Safe and happy cycling!

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2007: KKL Charity Ride in aid of Baan Unrak Children’s Home

In aid of Baan Unrak

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Project 2007

KKL CHARITY RIDE     (in aid of Baan Unrak)
Bangkok – Sangkhlaburi           8 – 15 March 2007

The KKL Charity Ride was to take place in March 2007. Unfortunately, due to security and safety issues, it was postponed to May 2007.

Nonetheless, we continued to enjoy the support of our friends from the Thailand Cycling Club (TCC). 17 riders from Singapore and many more from TCC braved the 360km journey to reach Baan Unrak three days later, to the uplifting smiles and laughter of the children of Baan Unrak who staged a memorable welcome performance. A total of about S$61,000 was raised.

Bike-Aid (Singapore) thanks all riders, support crew, sponsors, donors and well-wishers for the successful completion of this project.

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2006: in aid of Kidney Dialysis Foundation, Singapore

In aid of Kidney Dialysis Foundation

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Bike Aid Charity Ride 2006 – Alor Setar, Kedah to Singapore

 In aid of

27 riders and 11 support crew completed the 7-day, 970km ride from Peninsular Malaysia’s northern-most state to Singapore on 11 Jun 2006. The Bike Aiders were welcomed at the Singapore end of the Woodlands causeway with heavy rains. Nonetheless, the Bike Aiders pressed on and arrived safely at the Police Academy on Thomson Road, capping a long but enjoyable Charity Ride for the benefit of the Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF). The project raised about S$120,000.

Bike-Aid (Singapore) thanks all donors, sponsors, support crew and riders for their contribution towards this project.

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