Bike-Aid (Singapore) organises two main types of charity projects: Cycling related and Non-cycling related. If you’ve always wanted to make a difference to the lives of those around you, here’s an additional opportunity…


Cycling-related projects typically involve a 7-9 day road trip. Bike-Aid (Singapore) will select a worthy charity organisation to be the beneficiary of the project and then mobilise its volunteers (known as “Bike Aiders”) to organise the trip, usually in close collaboration with the beneficiary.

One can participate in one or several of the following roles:

Ride the Distance!
In the months running up to the road trip, Bike Aiders wanting to participate as riders are expected to canvass family and friends for donations to the appointed beneficiary of the project. Each rider will be given a target amount to collect. All donations collected will be handed over to the beneficiary. Apart from having to foot their own expenses, Bike Aiders have to train regularly to prepare for the road trip which involves cycling for long distances. Daily distances are typically about 100km. Bike-Aid (Singapore) will organise regular training sessions (at least once a week) to help train individuals for the physically-demanding trip.

Support the Riders!
If you rather not take part as a rider, you may still join the road trip as a member of the support crew. We typically have between 5-7 cars supporting the 30+ cyclists. Support crew members play a very important role in providing refreshments and replenishment to the cycling Bike Aiders. They also provide directions where roads get tricky (especially when passing through major towns). You may even drive your own car as one of the support vehicles, if you so wish. Otherwise, just hop into one of the cars and hop right out at the next replenishment point!

Get Organised!
If you rather not go on the road trip either as a rider or as a member of the support crew, you can still make a difference by helping us organise the trip. We require people willing to sacrifice their personal time to help craft press releases, secure sponsorships, design T-shirts, etc. Give us a call and we’ll have a job for you, whatever your skill set. All you really need is a heart.

Raise Funds and Spread the Word!
If you do not wish to participate as any of the above, you can still help as a fund raiser. We will pass you pledge forms for you to collect donations and increase public awareness of our beneficiary. You can even “adopt” a rider so that whatever amount of donations you collect will be used to set off against the target that the rider must achieve in order to participate in the road trip.


Whereas our cycling related projects are organised every two years, our non-cycling related events are organised on an ad-hoc basis. In the past 4 years, we have collected unwanted bicycles in Singapore for shipment to the needy in Thailand. We have also distributed sports shoes to villagers living in the remote areas of Thailand. If you would like to be informed when our next non-cycling related project is organised, let us know and we’ll contact you when such an opportunity arises.

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