Ride for Rations 2011 Memories

Ride For Rations 2011
Malacca to Singapore
8th of July to 10th of July 2011

On the 9th and 10th of July 2011, members of Bike-Aid Singapore organized a charity rid from Malacca to Singapore, ‘Ride for Rations 2011’, in aid of needy, socioeconomically challenged families and residents registered with the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link, a project by the Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd which is registered under the Charities Act.

The ‘Ride for Rations’ comprised of: an approximately 102 kilometers ride from Malacca (Emperor Hotel) to Batu Pahat (Crystal Inn Hotel) on the 9th of July, and subsequently, an approximately 135 kilometers ride from Batu Pahat to the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link which is located at Block 3 Marsiling Road.Beyond participating in the ‘Ride for Rations’, the 60 cyclists who registered for the Ride were encouraged (and expected to) engage in a fundraising drive and accumulate a minimum sum of S$500 each for the deserving beneficiary prior to the Ride.

The contributions of participants, cyclists and supporters alike, exceeded expectations throughout the two-day Ride and in the collection of donations, which amounted to a sum of S$78,122. There were no organizational costs incurred for the ‘Ride for Rations’ as participants (cyclists and supporters) paid for their own accommodation, meals and various other individual costs incurred in the course of the Ride, ensuring as such, that every dollar and cent collected in donations was channeled to the beneficiary. These funds were immediately, in August 2011, channeled to the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link to purchase monthly rations amounting to S$70, from August 2011 to July 2012, for 93 needy homes (families and residents) registered with the charity.

The list of deserving families registered with the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link indeed extends to 868 families living in rental one-room flats, approximately 80% of who are elderly and suffer from medical and intellectual infirmities, and have been made reliant upon minimal monthly financial help from self- help bodies which are often used for the coverage of rental, conservancy, electricity and basic food. The staff at Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link solely, according to meticulous needs-based criterion, selected the list of 93 deserving families to which the amount raised from the ‘Ride for Rations 2011’ was channeled. Beyond the ‘Ride for Rations 2011’, a significant number of participants in the Ride who have witnessed the gratitude expressed by families registered with the Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link for the monthly rations, have regularly been involved in the monthly distribution of rations and supporting the charity in its efforts to provide medical, nutritional, educational and recreational support services for the elderly and vulnerable families in the area.

Memories captured on film (login to facebook maybe required)

Memories from RFR2011

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