Enduro 2008 for Down Syndrome Association, Singapore.

In aid of Down Syndrome Association, Singapore

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PROJECT – 2008
It’s Done!

 Singapore’s first 24-hour, round-island, Charity ride!
8th – 9th Nov 2008


Whilst you may have sore legs, not to mention in other areas, you should feel very proud and happy to have made history and taken part in Singapore’s inaugural round-the-island 24hr charity ride! It was not an easy challenge and everyone of you deserves a huge cheer and round of applause! Hip-hip hurray!

To have taken part in Enduro’08 demonstrates willpower, cycling prowess, determination, discipline, team spirit and above all, the willingness to help others! Thank you for having taken up the challenge in the name of charity.

It was not an easy ride for anyone: First, it was the heat of the day; then the evening traffic; followed by the graveyard hours; to make it more interesting there was the violent storm; and then dawn came and ” the light at the end of the tunnel” as the 24hrs drew to a close. We believe that everyone who took part has achieved something special, be it in completing one loop or furthest distance cycled or amount raised for charity or just simply participating.

Above all, this was a charity event and the Down Syndrome Association thanks each and everyone of you: “Our members with Down syndrome and their families, felt very welcomed and we were impressed by the strong show of support we received from all of the participants. We were glad to be given the opportunity to show our members’ abilities as well as to create a greater awareness about Down syndrome”.

To date, S$ 129,000 has been raised, but with per km sponsorship still to come, plus other pledged amounts, we hope to see this increase further in the next few days. This is a fantastic achievement! Obviously after the event it is hard to keep momentum but we do need all donations in as soon as possible! For cash and cheque donations, please use the pledge envelopes and submit them to us. Contact us to arrange a convenient time to meet. As for the on-line web portal, this will remain open until 16 November. If you, or your donors, wish to use the on-line payment, please do so before 16 November!

Once we have all donations in and computed final distances we will be sending out to you a certificate of participation.

Some facts and figures about the ride:

Total registered: (including one walk-in…or should it be cycle-in?): 89
Total who started: 84
Total who completed at least one lap: 82 (97.6%)

Greatest number of laps: 6 (Relay Team: Stars B)

Furthest distances:

Relay: 708km, 6 laps (Stars B – Edward Blair, Ian Tate, Marc Rudajev)
Solo: 626km, 5+ laps (James Middleditch and Charles Monneron)
Team: 472km, 4 laps (Singapore Stars – Alan Grant, Adam Horler, Richard Parkinson)

Fastest Lap: 3hr 26 min (James Middleditch)

Here are a few final, post ride tips to help your weary bodies:

  • Stretch those muscles! Legs, back, arms, shoulders, will all have suffered. Do proper stretching to aid recovery and eliminate stiffness.
  • A massage is a great idea too, but no need to cost you a fortune as you can perform self-massage especially on legs and shoulders.
  • Eat right. Post event eating is as important as pre-event eating. Add back in the carbo and proteins. Nuts, especially almonds, do wonders for muscle tissue repair. And don’t forget to drink (not just beer!)
  • Service your bike. Your poor bike suffered too! Do clean it thoroughly and check it fully before taking to the road again. Better still, have it properly serviced.

The entire Bike Aid Enduro’08 committee extends their thanks and admiration to you all for having taken up the challenge of Enduro’08. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the event!

Safe and happy cycling!

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