“Volunteers are paid in six figures… S-M-I-L-E-S.”

Gayla LeMaire

Every last weekend of the month, the Ride for Rations team of volunteers look forward to the smiles we generate at the families we serve. 

  • Monthly rations to 440 Households
  • Breakfast to 200 school-going children

In 2018, we managed to raise $368,000 through Ride for Rations 2018, which a majority cycled from Kuantan to Mersing whilst some braved on from Mersing to Singapore. The ride was a tough one to plan and coordinate; some riders took a flight there – a mark of their dedication to the cause – not allowing work commitments impact their transport to Kuantan, while the riders on the bus ended up on a 8 hour bus journey there because of traffic jams. 

On Day 1, we embarked on our first 130 km – riding from Kuantan to Pekan. The roads were smooth but there was little shade. Under the scorching heat of Malaysia and with very little stop points because of the narrow roads, our cyclists persevered and completed the first 130 km. En route they had their lunch in a home stay replicate of the homes in Pekan, having their sumptuous lunch under Rambutan trees (with the rambutans too) and fish from the majestic Pahang River.

Most cyclists spent the afternoon exploring Pekan, eating yummy durians and carbo loading. Dinner was a really fun event too where we celebrated the birthdays of participants born in the month of August and September, recollected the events of day 1 and presented tokens to the young of our support crew (aged 4 to 11) and youngest cyclists (2 aged 16).  

On Day 2, everyone woke up bright and early ready to take on the roads again. 4 groups, 85 cyclists and 10 support vehicles. The sun came up bright and early too. Inch by inch, kilometer by kilometer, the cyclists managed to finish their ride. Everyone had a taste of one of the best Roti Prata, a location unknown to even our local support crew, being literally a shop in a hole type of place.

In the words of one participant: “What always encourages me when I take part in Ride for Rations is the kindness that other cyclists shower over me when I am riding, pushing me from behind when I am lagging behind, allowing me to draft them when I am tired, and cheering each other on when we are almost close to the next rest point. This spiritedness is emblematic of the work we do and the volunteering we commit ourselves to when we ride for rations.”

We thanks all corporate sponsors, event supporters and all donors for helping make it possible for us sustain the efforts of providing food and breakfast rations for another year.

You have enabled the likes of Nancy (not her real name), who suffers from aggravating medical conditions and live in a 1 room flat with 6 occupants (3 young grandchildren, her son who is not working due to a back injury, daughter in law who is the sole bread winner earning only $1000/-, and Nancy), tie through the difficulties they face.

You have enabled Pak Ali (not his real name) household of 7, who top up their electrical meter with $10 whenever they can, to smile on the day one of his son carries the rations home.

Thank you once again and here are some moments from the ride we did in the course of 2018! 



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