Ride for Rations 2016 – A Recollection

We cannot save all the starfish that are washed ashore, but …….. we can make all the difference to the ones that we throw back into the water. They survive. What pleasure is there in turning a blind eye to those in need? Whatever the form of assistance given, it involves sharing our blessings and assets, be it time, money or simply a listening ear.      

…..and so we all did in RfR 2016. It was an awesome experience for all the 170 riders and over 50 support crew to have committed 3 days to the ride from Malacca to Singapore. A motley pool of people they were, many meeting for the first time ….. but united in their fervour to ensure others had bread on the dinner table. They didn’t sacrifice their time. Rather, they shared their blessings.


In the process, raised a record amount of over $372,000.


But that’s missing the point. Translate this into the number of meals that may be prepared. Yup, providing monthly rations to over 385 homes in Marsiling, Hougang and Chai Chee. To fellow Singaporeans in our community who unfortunately aren’t as blessed. People living in one or two bedroom rental flats, some of whom can barely walk to the community centre downstairs to collect their rations.

What about the children in such homes? Are they to be exposed to a life of misery and poverty too? Certainly not, if we can help. Help we will, with a daily heathy breakfast to start with, so that the mind is alert in school. The funds raised will see this healthy breakf
ast program expanded to 175 children this year.

To take a holistic approach in extracting the children out of the poverty trap, we witnessed in September the opening of the Sunlove Study Corner …. a place conducive for the children to study without the clutter, distractions and noise of the homes. Funds for the Study Spot were raised through Prudential Charity Ride in 2015. Volunteers have stepped forward and thus far the following has been organised: Games Days; Scratch A Mind leadership cum coding; Movie cum Dinner outing.

We belong to a universal brotherhood. As we focus on the needs in Singapore, let’s not forget others in distress.

RfR 2016 saw the debut of a new initiative to help others across the causeway. The riders called at the Kiwanis Special Children Centre. The joy on the faces of the children as they interacted with the riders and gave a performance made the call all the more special.

As we move forward, all that is certain …… is that we will keep sharing.


Write up by Manjit Singh Randhawa with photo selection and arrangement by Eugene Wee. Photos credits: Desmond Foo (The Third Eye).

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