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Ride For Rations (RfR) 2019

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Ride for Rations 2019

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Ride For Rations (RfR) 2018

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Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd

Ride for Rations 2018

Ride for Rations 2017 – A Recollection

As the months go by …….

………. in this season of festivities, let’s recap the year at Bike-Aid (Singapore) and plans for 2018. It started with the official launch of the Sunlove Study Spot in Chai Chee on 7th January. Since the soft opening in September 2016, 40 kids have registered with the center. With the focus on learning in the early years, kids had an amazing time at the graduation ceremony of SCRATCH on 20th May (a program that develops children’s creative talents).

To spur them on, a voluntary body called Circle of Friends, organized a hands-on workshop in June on baking and team building. A visit to the Science Center by a team of volunteers capped it all.

In the spirit of building a harmonious society, Bike Aid responded triumphantly to a request from Jamiyah Singapore to celebrate its 85th anniversary of providing various welfare services. 85 riders rode 45 km with an entourage of vintage cars on 14th May.

In a moment of nostalgia, another group of riders took to the roads on 15th July to celebrate Bike Aid’s Silver Jubilee. A very special cake and birthday song in the driveway of a founder member said it all!

Bike Aid’s staple – the monthly distribution of rations to the needy at Chai Chee, Marsiling and Hougang – remained in lock step with volunteers every last weekend of the month. Without fail! Interviews with beneficiaries the likes of Mr Chong, Pak Ali and Nancy and articles on our Bike Aid’s facebook brought the significance of the rations closer to heart.

What is worthy of our best should never be stopped. It was in that spirit and commitment of continuity that Ride for Rations 2017 was launched in January. With early registrations, briefings started in March followed closely with training and assessment rides. A visit to Sunlove Home in April gave participants a close up of the plight of the needy while serving out lunch to residents brought smiles to the giver and recipient.

RFR 2017 set another milestone with $600,000 raised. The launch of new logo showed a renewed emphasis on “doing and giving”. Plans are now being fined tuned for greater engagement with the needy. This includes proposals to address the emotional state of the beneficiaries through interaction with volunteers and periodic outings with them.

It is not lost on Bike Aid that our volunteers too have concerns! In response to feedback, a new route from Kuantan along the east coast of West Malaysia is being considered for Ride for Ration 2018. Come September, we will be riding along some of the most scenic routes. Till then …… season’s greetings to all our friends at Bike Aid and our beneficiaries.


RfR 2017 Sponsors & Supporters

Ride for Rations 2017

Been there; done that. Very good! Ever wondered what the family that is struggling for a living is dreaming of? Just food on the table. Yup! Just 3 square meals a day! This is precisely what Bike Aid has been doing through its Ride for Ration (RfR) events since 2011. The RfR is a journey; not a destination. A journey that meanders through the heartlands of Marsiling, Chai Chee and Hougang with pit stops at homes in need. Coupled with that occasional peek into the health of the children and their performance.

Which brings us to Ride for Rations 2017. With the same objective of providing monthly rations to families living in one to two rental rooms. Through a ride covering 240 km from Malacca to Singapore.

Ride for Rations 2017 is yet special in more ways than one. For it also marks the Silver Jubilee of Bike Aid (Singapore), the entity that organizes Ride for Rations and has been raising funds through cycling for many other charities before zooming in on Ride for Rations. 25 years of cycling and fund raising! Wouldn’t it be nice to partake in this silver jubilee effort?

The cause for the ride:

To raise funds to:

  • provide monthly food rations to 380 needy households in rental flats and who are registered with outreach of Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd (a registered charity) at Chai Chee, Hougang and Marsiling
  • provide monthly breakfast packages to 200 school going children living in the above and other estates through Sunlove.

The aim: to raise

  • $320,000 for monthly food rations to 380 households
  • $60,000 for monthly breakfast rations to 200 school going children

100% funds raised will be used for the above purposes by Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

As we contemplate on RfR 2017, let’s keep in mind that the ride is to benefit households living in 1-2 rental rooms; have no sources of income; elderly with no children; whose children are not supporting them; single parents; suffer from medical and intellectual infirmities; and require financial help to cover rental, conservancy, electricity and basic food expenses.

The rations purchased with the funds raised will be distributed monthly at Chai Chee, Hougang and Marsiling.


25 August 2017 – Depart for Malacca via coach
26 August 2017 – Cycle Malacca to Batu Pahat
27 August 2017 – Cycle from Batu Pahat to Singapore

Fund Raising Obligation & Registration Fees:

Each participant has to raise minimum of $840.00.

Each participant must pay a registration fee of $280 (shared room) or $350 (single room) for expenses related to the ride, excluding charges incurred due to the registration and payment portal. The organising committee consists entirely of volunteers and receive no renumeration.

Cycling Route & Other Details:

Maximum of 150 cyclists supported by at least 40 support crew. Fund Raisers are also welcome.

Cycling route: trunk roads that are scenic, affording non-interrupted distances ranging from 2-10kms and having mix of flat roads and slopes.

Ride for Rations is not a race; while providing an opportunity to cyclists wishing to test their prowess, the event is also aimed at amateur and recreational cyclists with our sweepers traveling at about 18km/h.

Participation is subject to acceptance of Rules and Regulations for Ride for Rations, raising of funds specified above and acceptance to indemnify the organisers. First time RfR participants are also required to attend a briefing on RfR, participate in a total 2 rations distribution at 2 of the estates by April 2017 and also in a physical readiness ride.

For more information, please email: enquiry@bikeaid.org.sg

Bike-Aid (Singapore) reserves the right to reject applicants for Ride for Rations 2017.

Ride for Rations 2016 Sponsors

Ride for Rations 2016 – A Recollection

We cannot save all the starfish that are washed ashore, but …….. we can make all the difference to the ones that we throw back into the water. They survive. What pleasure is there in turning a blind eye to those in need? Whatever the form of assistance given, it involves sharing our blessings and assets, be it time, money or simply a listening ear.      

…..and so we all did in RfR 2016. It was an awesome experience for all the 170 riders and over 50 support crew to have committed 3 days to the ride from Malacca to Singapore. A motley pool of people they were, many meeting for the first time ….. but united in their fervour to ensure others had bread on the dinner table. They didn’t sacrifice their time. Rather, they shared their blessings.


In the process, raised a record amount of over $372,000.


But that’s missing the point. Translate this into the number of meals that may be prepared. Yup, providing monthly rations to over 385 homes in Marsiling, Hougang and Chai Chee. To fellow Singaporeans in our community who unfortunately aren’t as blessed. People living in one or two bedroom rental flats, some of whom can barely walk to the community centre downstairs to collect their rations.

What about the children in such homes? Are they to be exposed to a life of misery and poverty too? Certainly not, if we can help. Help we will, with a daily heathy breakfast to start with, so that the mind is alert in school. The funds raised will see this healthy breakf
ast program expanded to 175 children this year.

To take a holistic approach in extracting the children out of the poverty trap, we witnessed in September the opening of the Sunlove Study Corner …. a place conducive for the children to study without the clutter, distractions and noise of the homes. Funds for the Study Spot were raised through Prudential Charity Ride in 2015. Volunteers have stepped forward and thus far the following has been organised: Games Days; Scratch A Mind leadership cum coding; Movie cum Dinner outing.

We belong to a universal brotherhood. As we focus on the needs in Singapore, let’s not forget others in distress.

RfR 2016 saw the debut of a new initiative to help others across the causeway. The riders called at the Kiwanis Special Children Centre. The joy on the faces of the children as they interacted with the riders and gave a performance made the call all the more special.

As we move forward, all that is certain …… is that we will keep sharing.


Write up by Manjit Singh Randhawa with photo selection and arrangement by Eugene Wee. Photos credits: Desmond Foo (The Third Eye).

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