1. What is Ride for Rations 2021?

  1. Ride for Rations 2021 is a fund-raising initiative involving non-competitive cycling.
  2. In the interest of our everyone’s safety due to COVID-19, Ride for Rations 2021, is now a virtual or “Strava” based ride.
  3. If the national posture and guidelines related to COVID-19 permit, an actual ride will be conducted in September 2021.

2. How will Ride for Rations 2021 be conducted as a “Strava” based ride?

  1. Participants will commit to completing a minimum of 200 km or 440 km or 880 km in September 2021. Participants can opt to cycle indoors on their trainers or cycle outdoors on their own bearing in mind the government guidelines on outdoor exercise in relation to COVID-19 measures.
    • The distance of 200 and 440 km correspond to the number of breakfast rations and food rations respectively that RfR aims to provide.
  2. Should the situation improve and if it is permissible, we may have a group ride on 5 September 2021 covering a distance of about 140 km to 160 km.

3. What does Ride for Ration aim to achieve?

  1. It is aimed at raising funds that will be utilised to provide monthly rations for up to a year to at least 440 households and breakfast rations for at least 200  school going children in Singapore. These families reside in 1 room rental flats in Chai Chee, Hougang, Marsiling, Whampao and Woodlands.
    i.These will be provided from April 2022 to March 2023. The rations may be provided to more beneficiaries in these estates if the funds raised are sufficient for this.
  2. It aims to raise a total of $429,600 consisting of $369,600 for the monthly rations and $60,000 for the breakfast rations.
    i. The number of food rations (440) is an increase of 15% from the numbers supported in the year 2017.
  3. The residents are assessed by Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd, a public registered charity. The funds raised will be transmitted to Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed who will be the custodian of the funds and ensure they are used for the above purposes.

4. What is the commitment involved of Ride for Rations 2021?

  1. As we understand the difficult economic circumstance, being a fund-raising, each participant is encouraged to raise as much as they possibly can. Every little amount counts as the poor need to be nourished.
  2. Each participant must pay the registration fees as mentioned in point 7 below.
  3. RfR participants are encouraged to participate in the rations distribution at either of the following between April and September: Chai Chee, Hougang, Marsiling, Woodlands or Whampoa subject to the prevailing safe management measures guidelines.

5. What can I participate as in Ride for Rations 2021?

  1. Participants can be cyclists; fund-raiser; or support crew (if the actual ride in Singapore takes place).

6. Who can participate in Ride For Rations 2021?

  1. Participation in RfR is subject to participant acknowledging their medical and physical fitness to be able to participate what is entailed in RfR 2021; the acceptance of the rules and regulations of the event; and accepting to indemnify the organisers and, or their agents both of which are as indicated at the point of registration and agreed upon by participants at the point of registration.
  2. The key objective is raising funds for charity. Thus Ride for Rations 2021 is non-competitive.
  3. Participants are personally responsible for ensuring that they are medically and physical certified fit to be able to undertake cycling.
  4. Participants also need to have their own bicycle that is properly equipped and configured for such events.

7. What is the cost for participating in Ride For Rations 2021?

  1. Based on the philosophy of all funds raised being given to the identified charity, cost relating to the organisation will be borne by participants.
  2. Participants have a choice of RFR2021 Jersey or T-shirt; each participant will pay:
    ii. Jersey: $60 registration fee per individual
    iii. T-Shirt: $30 registration fee per individual
  3. The above fees exclude any charges imposed by banks, credit card companies and online payment service providers arising from the registration and payment portal charges.
  4. The above fees are of expenses related to the Ride as explained below – point 10. The organisers are made up entirely of volunteers who receive no remuneration.
  5. Participants agree that all unused registration fees will be donated to the cause or charity that is being supported.

8. Will there be any additional cost if a group ride in Singapore is held?

  1. As there will be additional expenses for such a ride, there will be additional cost. Participants who are keen will be asked to top up the fees.

9. Why is there a cost for participation in Ride for Rations 2021?

  1. This is to ensure that 100% of funds raised are used for the charitable cause. The registration fees are used for the organisational cost as indicated in detail below. The organisational planning and organising is undertaken by volunteers at no cost.

10. How do I pay for Ride For Rations 2021 registration fee?

  1. Payment will be made at the point of registration through the registration portal. For the Singapore ride, if it takes place, details will be given separately.

11. What does the registration fee cover?

  1. For the “Strava” based ride: the tee-shirt or cycling jersey as preferred; pledge card printing cost; mementos of appreciation for corporate sponsors; amongst other cost.

12. What happens if I have to cancel my participation of the reformatted Ride for Rations 2021?

  1. Participants must submit the funds raised as it is meant to help the needy.
  2. Refund Conditions:
    • Participants may seek a replacement. In such cases, we may not be able to provide a change in Tee-Shirt or Jersey sizing.
    • All registration fees less expenses incurred for RfR 2021 up to the point of withdrawal in the above condition, will be donated to the cause Ride for Rations is supporting.

13. What are the ways funds are to be raised?

  1. The raising of funds has to be done on a private basis where cyclists can approach friends, acquaintances, family, relatives, colleagues, etc. Funds cannot be raised by approaching members of the public.
  2. Funds raised through RfR 2020 are tax exempt for donations of S$25/- and above. Fundraisers are responsible for ensuring that accurate details for tax exemption purpose (e.g. official name & tax reference number) are obtained and written legibly in the pledge card where failure to do so will affect eligibility for tax exemption.
  3. Registrants will be given a pledge card, which is serialised. The cards will be distributed during the rations distribution held monthly at Marsiling or Chai Chee or during the training rides. Alternative arrangements can also be made with the Organising Committee to collect at other times/location.
  4. Arrangements have been made with an online donation portal “Give.asia” to facilitate online format of fund raising. Whilst Give.asia does not charge for this service, donors will need to pay a small charge imposed by credit card companies. Thus, the net amount that goes to Sunlove is about 98% of the donation. Funds collected through this will be transmitted directly to Sunlove with monthly summaries provided to Sunlove of the collection. Instructions on how to set up such a page will be sent.

14. Will there be training sessions conducted for cyclists?

  1. At the present moment, we will not have training rides. Any such rides will only be undertaken if regulations permit and take into account the well being of participants.

15. How do I submit fitness data?

  1.  Participants are required to submit fitness activities using Strava App.
  2. Participants are required to join Ride for Ration Strava Club (https://www.strava.com/clubs/RideforRation)
  3. Cycling activities submitted to Strava App are counted towards the total cycling distance for RfR.
  4. Only the cycling activities in the month of September will be eligible towards the fulfilment of RfR 2021 distance commitment.

16. Will there be a briefing?

  1. A briefing will be organised nearer to the ride if permissible. Details will be sent via email.

Updated as of 19 March 2021