The challenges of the economically-disadvantaged, who are already struggling, have become even greater. 

Let us do what we can to help them put food on the table.

Since 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Ride for Rations has raised funds to help up to 580 households with monthly food rations and 191 school-going children with breakfast sets. Around 900 sets of cooked food bentos and seasonal fruits were also distributed during the four festive seasons in 2021.

We continue the mission through RfR 2023.

#RideforRations2023 will have 2 formats this year:

Melaka-Singapore edition:
1st – 3rd September 2023

Virtual edition:
1st – 30th September 2023


Ride for Rations seeks to ease the difficulties faced by economically-disadvantaged Singaporeans living in rental flats by providing them with monthly food rations and breakfast rations for school-going children. 

It is a ground-up initiative organised and managed entirely by volunteers, and every single cent that is raised goes towards the cause.

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Registration Close on 30th May 2023

Why you should join us

DO GOOD and SUPPORT #RideforRations2023

This year, we aim to raise $594,000 to provide:

Monthly food rations worth $75 for at least 580 disadvantaged families, ensuring that they have essential supplies for a year

Monthly breakfast rations worth $30  for up to 200 school-going children from disadvantaged families.

● Any surplus funds raised through Ride for Rations will be used to provide the families with  cooked food bentos and seasonal fruits during  festive seasons.

100% of the funds raised will go to Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd, a registered charity providing food rations to economically-challenged families living  in rental flats in Bukit Merah, Chai Chee, Depot Road, Hougang, Marsiling, Serangoon, Whampoa and Woodlands.


Cycle individually or in permitted group sizes, whether  indoors or outdoors, without compromising your own safety and health. Be responsible and adhere to the prevailing safe distancing measures and government advisories while participating in this cycling event.


Share your #RideforRations2023 personal achievements and participation stories with your friends and keep a lookout for the weekly Leaderboard Update on the BikeAid (Singapore) website and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/groups/rideforrations).

How to take part


Participate as a #RideforRations2023 Cyclist & Fundraiser:

  1. participate in the Melaka–Singapore edition, cycling a distance of about 245km; and/or
  2. attempt a distance of 200 km, 580 km or 1,000 km in the month of September in the Virtual edition


Participate as a #RideforRations2023 Ambassador and help raise funds.

Whatever your role, we encourage you to:

  1. Raise as much as you can. For the Melaka-Singapore edition, participants need to raise a minimum of SGD$500. As a guide, one month’s rations cost $75; a year’s rations for one household is $900
  2. Participate in rations distribution over the months of April to September


Melaka-Singapore edition

Support Crew play a very important role in providing refreshments and replenishment to the Cyclist. They also provide directions where roads get tricky.

Cyclists participate as riders, canvass family and friends for donations. Cycle 245km in groups from Melaka to Singapore.

Virtual Edition

Individual Cycle outdoors and/or indoors to achieve your target.

Corporate / Cycling Group Gather a few colleagues or ‘kakis’ and register under a company / team name to accumulate a distance of 200km, 580km or 1,000 km together.

Family Bond as a family and achieve your fundraising goals by accumulating a distance of 200km, 580km or 1,000km together.

Fun Fact:

200 kmWe are cycling to raise funds for breakfast for  200 school-going children.

580 kmWe are cycling to raise funds for essential food supplies for  at least 580 disadvantaged families.



Choose one of the following to register:

Melaka-Singapore Edition

  1. SGD$310 (twin-sharing accommodation)
  2. SGD$380 (single room accommodation)
  3. Support Crew / Cyclist

Virtual Edition

  1. Cycling Jersey ($50 Registration Fee per individual) or
  2. Event T-Shirt ($30 Registration Fee per individual)



Upon registration, you may choose to start your fundraising via GiveAsia using the following link.


All participants can also opt to use an event pledge card provided by Bike-Aid(Singapore).


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Organised by Bike-Aid (Singapore), a not-for-profit society registered in 1992,  in support of Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.