Ride for Rations 2022 - Melaka Ride

Prior to filling up the registration, we seek your cooperation to read the Ride for Rations 2022 Melaka - Singapore edition Ride Rules and Regulations, found at https://bikeaid.org.sg/ride-for-rations/rules-regulations-rfr-2022-melaka-ride/. This is to ensure clarity of understanding on what is entailed and to avoid misunderstandings. We are all volunteers involved in the organisation of the Ride.

Event Overview

Day 1: 2nd September 2022, Friday
Coach Singapore to Melaka

Day 2: 3rd September 2022, Saturday
Cycle Melaka to Batu Pahat

Day 3: 4th September 2022, Sunday
Cycle Batu Pahat to Singapore

Each participant must raise a minimum of SGD 500.
Each participant must be vaccinated and eligible to travel to Malaysia.

Registration fees covers

  • Transport to Melaka; Accomodation at Melaka and Batu Pahat;
  • Dinner at Batu Pahat;
  • Refreshments (isotonic drink/water/fruits) during ride;
  • Jersey;
  • group travel insurance;
  • light refreshment at end point day 2;
  • logistics & other related cost of the ride (E.g. direction signage,).

Organisation of the Melaka-Singapore is done entirely by volunteers.

Optional if you would like to be on  Virtual Ride Leaderboard:

Join RideforRation Strava Club https://www.strava.com/clubs/637285/ and provide us your Athlete Name


Thank you for supporting Ride for Rations 2022 Melaka - Singapore edition, helping the disadvantaged in Singapore.

I have read and understand Ride for Rations 2022 Melaka - Singapore edition Ride Rules and Regulations. (Please read them to avoid misunderstandings from arising. They are found at https://bikeaid.org.sg/ride-for-rations/rules-regulations-rfr-2022-melaka-ride/.
By proceeding with this registration, I commit to raising the minimum amount of funds for Ride for Rations 2022; understand and agree to Ride for Rations 2022 Melaka - Singapore edition Rules and Regulations; and declare that I am medically and physically able to participate in Ride for Rations 2022.


Organised by Bike-Aid (Singapore), a not-for-profit society registered in 1992,  in support of Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.