1999: Recycling Bicycles for Children in Thailand

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 Recycling Bicycles for children in Thailand:

In rural Thailand, a good number of families live far away from schools. As a result, children have to walk several kilometres to get to class or simply not attend at all.

The idea behind this project is to collect old bicycles, repair them, and then give them to students whose parents cannot afford new bicycles.

The bicycles will go a long way in alleviating the hardship of the children in their daily commute to school.

On non-school days, it is hoped that these same bicycles will also contribute to the well-being of the children as they explore the countryside on their bicycles.

The project is in collaboration with the Thailand Cycling Club (TCC). Old bicycles are collected and partially repaired by TCC members.

The partly-refurbished bikes are then taken to rural schools where the new owners will be trained to complete the remaining simple repairs like fixing flat tyres and brakes, as well as routine maintenance.

The bicycles will be donated to schools whose teachers are committed to the recycled bicycles programme. When pupils complete their compulsory education, they have to return the bikes to the programme so that another child may enjoy the same benefits.

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