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Ride for Rations 2014

Ride for Rations 2014: The Essential Details

Challenge yourself in cycling 240 km from Malacca to Singapore over 2 days for a charitable cause.

Dates :

22 August 2014 – Depart for Malacca via coach

23 August 2014 – Cycle Malacca to Batu Pahat

24 August 2014 – Cycle from Batu Pahat to Singapore


Raise funds that will provide monthly rations to 300 needy households  registered with Sunlove Neighbourhood Link, outreach of registered charity Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed.

The aim: to raise $280,000.00

Each participant has to raise minimum of $500.00 [in 2013, participants raised average of more than $1000.00; total funds raised  approximately $250,000.00 supporting 260 households].

Each participant must pay organisation cost ranging from $280 to $350.

100% funds raised will go to the above cause & Sunlove will be custodian of funds.

Households live in 1-2 rental rooms
; have no sources of income; elderly with no children; whose children are not supporting them; single parents; suffer from medical and intellectual infirmities; and require financial help to cover rental, conservancy, electricity and basic food expenses.

Cycling Route & Other Details:

 Max of 150 cyclists supported by at least 40 support crew.

Cycling route: trunk roads that are scenic, affording non-interrupted of distances ranging from 2-10kms and having mix of flat roads and slopes.

It is not a race; providing opportunity to cyclist wishing to go fast with pacers who will guide at an average of 30-35km/h, the event is also aimed at amateur and recreational cyclist with our sweepers traveling at about 18km/h. 

Participation is subject to acceptance of Rules and Regulations and raising of funds specified above.

REGISTER for RfR 2014 here.

For more information, please email: enquiry@bikeaid.org.sg

Bike-Aid (Singapore) reserves the right to reject applicants for Ride for Rations 2014.

Ride for Rations 2014 – A Recollection

Ride for Rations 2014   (Malacca – Batu Pahat – Singapore)

Bike-Aid (Singapore) largest fund raiser in terms of number of participants was held on 23th to 24th August 2014.  Ride for Rations (RfR) 2014, the 4th in series and the largest thus far, involved 144 cyclists of the 153 who had registered. RfR 2014 involved 41 support crew in about 20 support cars and 1 ambulance.

Notwithstanding the large number of participants, RfR 2014 was entirely planned, run and managed by volunteers and they did an excellent job of it. Interest in RfR 2014 was overwhelming and we had to turn away quite a number of interested participants when we reached the targeted number of participants.

RfR 2014 included a RfR 1K route, where cyclists cycled a total of 1000 km. About 10 of them started on 16th August taking a ferry from Changi to Pengarang, Johor and from there cycling up via the east coast of Malaysia to rendezvous with the others at Malacca before continuing to Batu Pahat and Singapore, covering 1000 km over 9 days.
RfR 2014 raised $340,000.00.

RfR raises funds to support needy families and resident registered with the Neighbourhood Links of the charity, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

The target of RfR 2014 is to increase the number of families/households provided with monthly essential and food rations to 300 and expanding it beyond Marsiling and Chai Chee to include Hougang.


As in past RfRs’, RfR 2014 had plenty of positive feedback. Many found it a meaningful experience in terms of giving back to society and raising awareness of the need for help in Singapore. They also appreciated the thorough organisation and planning of the event including the dedication and commitment of the support crew, noting that it was entirely organised by volunteers.



Highlights of RfR 2014

  • raised $340, 000.00, which is above the target set for RfR 2014. As a result, 310 households are able to benefit from monthly rations, an increase of 25 % over 2013;
  • 70% was raised by the participants & 30% was raised through corporate donations;
  • 95% of the 144 cyclists completed the whole route;
  • 10 of the participants took part in a 1000 km route;
  • oldest cyclist was 71 years old and another 69 years; one of the cyclist is a cancer patient;
  • a yogathon organised by volunteers as part of fund-raising.



There was no organizational costs incurred for the RfR 2014. Participants paid for their own accommodation, meals and various other individual costs incurred in the course of the Ride. Thus every dollar and cent collected in donations was channeled to the beneficiary.

Cyclists and supporters, keep the wheels rolling for Ride for Rations 2015!




RfR 2014 video

RfR 2014 write up


Ride for Rations 2014 Sponsors

Ride for Rations 2013 Report

Organized by Bike-Aid (Singapore), Ride for Rations (RfR) 2013 flagged off on 14 September 2013 involving 98 cyclists, cycling from Malacca to Batu Pahat and on 15 September 2013,
from Batu Pahat to Singapore. They were supported by 36 support crew and 17 vehicles.

RfR raises funds to support needy families and resident registered with the Neighbourhood Links of the charity, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.



Highlights of RfR 2013:

• raised $240, 000.00. As a result, 260 households are able to benefit from monthly rations, an increase of 31% over 2012;

75% was raised by the participants & 25% was raised through corporate donations;
• 95% of RfR 2013 participants raised at least $1,000.00; 99% raised the minimum $500.00.
• at the RfR 2013 appreciation dinner, participants spontaneously contributed about $5,000.00 from their own pockets;
• oldest cyclist was 70 years old and another 68 years whilst the youngest was 17  years.
• Day 2 saw cyclist cycling in heavy rain and even knee deep water with one spot termed “teh tarik”
• 2 participants roping in 2 of the corporate donors to host lunch cum block party for residents at Marsiling with 2 other participants sponsoring the same for residents at Chai Chee.

RfR 2013 had to be re-scheduled from July to September 2013 due to the unforeseen haze that engulfed Singapore and Malaysia as the safety of participants was of paramount importance.

There was no organizational costs incurred for the RfR 2013. Participants paid for their own accommodation, meals and various other individual costs incurred in the course of the Ride. Thus every dollar and cent collected in donations was channeled to the beneficiary.


Cyclists and supporters, keep the wheels rolling for Ride for Rations 2014!

View RfR 2013 video created by Dr Kevin Soh, who is 3rd time RfR participant.

Read about participants’ experiences:

Comments by RfR 2013 participants

  • Gary Chia
    Thank you Peter Lye and Co, we are very impressed by the dedication  and support.
  • Koh Sai Yeow Dan
    To all the support crew, medical staff and photographer, you  guys and gals are awesome, the detailed planning, logistics support , the cheers has help all the riders to just concentrate on riding knowing you guys and gals will be at the next turning point, the next water point waiting for us… Cheers to all.
  • Patrick Teo
    Tks all e official community & supporting crews for making this RFR event so wonderful. U guys & gals are great n working so hard, planning, providing drink points on our moves, directing us e routes. Just AWESOME
  • Chu Yang Keng
    Our RfR bike trip was really awesome!! Thanks the organising committee n volunteers for a job well done… really appreciate your hard work and dedication for making it smooth and memorable. Riding in the heavy rain was a highlight to me, especially the part where we have to cross the road flooded with teh tarik! Excellent! Cheers to all :))
  • Chin Hooi Yen
    Dear Organising Comm, Supporters, Medics, Technical teams, Thank you for the superb support over the weekend. It was amazingly well organised, and I cannot describe how much the smiles, offers of food n drink, and cheers meant! I salute all of you. When I grow up I want to be just like you guys! regards, Hooi Yen
  • Phyllis Tan
    Ya.. the support crew was magnificent… On first day.. I dropped my bottle cap and I stopped.. in less than a min a support car came..I felt so safe..on the 2nd day.. even though it was raining heavily… the support crew came out of their car n cheer for us.. its was damn touching lor. They can just sit in the car n lookout for us but they didn’t… they came out in the rain wif us!!! Great grp!!!!
  • Manoharan Pariasamy
    Its been only a week since we completed our charity ride and Im already missing all the fun, actions and friendship found during our 3 days trip;)….yes bro, missed the scenic rides, riders, support crew, medic, getting drench, peeing at the bush, buying food along the way….etc, etc.
  • Virginia Tang Osteopath Singapore
    One and half days of cycling + good makan + two punctures + tons of fun + laughter/silliness/craziness + new friends + major leg hurtage = One helluva Ride for Rations 2013 !!! My pedal kakis Seow Thong, Wai Ling & Wee Hong… Thanks for keeping me on the pedals!!! My puncture peeps David, Peter, Collin & Philip… Thanks for the attempts to fix my puncture/s despite Dave wanting to throw my bike into the longkang!!!Support crew Shireen, Lynda-one-cent-Ang, Peter, Linda2 & Lye Monkeys thanks for kicking me back out there & forbidding me from being a backseat warmer!!!Support crew sweating it out… Manjit, Amy and everyone else, top notch job people!!!A massive THANKS to all the organisers, Bike-Aid (Singapore) committee, support crew, fellow cyclists, supporters & donors for a fantastic ride for a worthy cause that won’t be forgotten any time soon!!!
    Ride for Rations 2014??? BRING IT ON!!!
  • Collin Ng
    It was Hooi Yen who told some of us about this ‘Ride For Rations’ cycling event. That year was 2011, the birth of ‘Ride For Rations’. I just took up cycling then and without hesitation, some of us immediately signed up. As a newbie, it was quite a struggle for me but I survived the first series. And in the process, made new friends too. My second year I joined the event under GP Riders, a social cycling group. This year saw the biggest turnout of cyclists and with more cyclists, it means more funds for our cause.I hope ‘Ride For Rations’ will continue to reach new height for next year and even more good years to come. The ride is tough, no doubt about it but we are all together for a one cause and when we touched home, we can sense the feeling of completion is special…something we will relish forever.

Ride for Rations 2013

Ride for Rations 2013
Malacca – Singapore
5th July – 7th July 2013



Bike-Aid Singapore, a Singapore registered society, is glad to organise the 3rd Ride for Rations, i.e. Ride for Rations 2013, which will involve cyclist cycling fom Malacca to Singapore, a distance of about 240km. It will be held from 5th to 7th July 2013 and the event will be limited to 100 cyclist to ensure safety and well-being of the cyclists.

Cyclist will have to raise a minimum of $500 that will be used to purchase rations for needy families in Singapore. Whilst this is the minimum, we are confident that cyclist will surpass this amount based on our target amount for 2013.

All funds raised will be channeled directly to the cause.

Admin and organisation cost for the event, which is $250, will be borne separately by the cyclist and support crew. A breakdown of what the registration fee will be used for is found below.


To raise funds that would provide a substantial amount of monthly rations to needy families as identified by Sunlove Neighbourhood Links, which is a project up by Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd (commonly known as Sunlove Home), an organization registered under the Charities Act. The Neighbourhood Links are located around clusters of 1 room blocks in Marsiling, Chai Chee and Hougang. Most of the residents include: senior citizens; having no sources of income; suffer from and, or are recovering from medical and intellectual infirmities; and are dependent upon minimal financial help and handouts to cover rental, conservancy, electricity and basic food.


Pedal 240km in 2 days from Malacca to Singapore.

Enjoy a wonderful tour of the Malaysian countryside and raise funds for a meaningful cause.

Background & Other Details: In 2011, the first Ride for Rations raised funds to provide monthly rations worth seventy dollars to 93 families at Sunlove’s Marsiling Neighourhood Link for up to a year. In 2012, the second ride enabled us to support 199 families.

In 2013, we aim to raise funds to continue supporting these families and to be able to reach out to more families at Sunlove’s Neighbourhood Links. Based on our philosophy of ensuring maximum funds are channeled to the charitable cause, all funds raised in Ride for Rations 2013 would be used strictly for the above cause. Riders[Cyclist] and support crew woud pay a separate amount for the administrativee and organisation cost, which range from S$200-S$250 per person.


Each cyclist is expected to raise a minimum of S$500. We envision cyclist raising beyond this minimum amount so that many more residents can benefit from the event. Our target is to support about 250 families and we aspire to raise at least $220 000.

It is a non-competitive event and is aimed at being totally recreational.

You can contribute by either ONE of the following: cycling AND raising funds; being the support crew; raising funds only. We look forward to your supp


Departure from Singapore for Malacca on Friday 5th July 2013 via coach at about 2 pm.

Ride Proper

On Saturday, 6th July, cyclist will cycle the first leg from Malacca to Batu Pahat.

On Sunday, 7th July, cyclist will cycle from Batu Pahat to Singapore, ending off at Sunlove Neighbourhood Link at Marsiling.

Only 120 riders will be accepted.

Conditions for participation:
As per above

For more information, please email:


To register, please proceed to the RFR2013 Registration:

Breakdown of Registration Fee

Riders/Support Crew pay a $250 registration fee to cover organisational costs related to the ride, e.g.

  • Transport to Malacca
  • Accommodation [2 participants per room]: Malacca with breakfast; Batu Pahat with dinner and breakfast
  • Refreshments during 2-day ride
  • Post-ride refreshments & Post-ride dinner gathering
  • Jersey
  • Insurance

Bike-Aid (Singapore) reserves the right to reject applicants for Ride for Rations 2013.

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