2001: in aid of Baan Unrak Children’s Home

In aid of Baan Unrak

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Bike Aid 2001 Project – Baan Unrak

The problems of the poor in this world are indeed enormous; disease, malnutrition and the lack of education are some of the inflictions forced upon them. It is a sad fact that women and children are often the greatest victims of the ravages of poverty. The activities of some individuals and organizations have, however, helped in the alleviation of the pain and agony of the underprivileged. Baan Unrak in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, is one such organization that has played a poignant role in helping the tribal and displaced people of the region.

Baan Unrak (House of Happiness) was established in 1991 in the Thai town of Sangklaburi, near the border with Myanmar. Its aims were to aid and provide for families, women and children otherwise plagued by poverty and disease. Baan Unrak is the result of the selfless and untiring activities of Didi (Sister) Devamala, who is a member of the Neo Humanist Foundation, a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization. Over the years Baan Unrak has striven to provide a safe haven for orphaned and abandoned children, and to economically and socially assist destitute women.

Today, Baan Unrak is home to 50 children aged between 2 to 16. There are 32 girls resident in the Girls Home and 18 boys in the Boys Home. In an effort to provide employment for women, a sewing and weaving center has been set up. A shop where the produced goods can be sold has also been established. Apart from providing housing and employment, Didi seeks to ensure the full development of the children through education.

She plans to establish a school in May 2001 to cater to the children from surrounding villages and the hill tribes. There are plans to set up six classrooms and a library. Naturally, this important task requires the succor and co-operation of compassionate hearts.

This tract is a humble appeal on behalf of the children of Baan Unrak for contributions which would go a long way to fulfill Didi’s vision of improving the position of the underprivileged through education. All well wishers are humbly requested to extend their assistance through monetary contributions and/or through the donations of books, stationery and medicine.

 | Baan Unrak the Home || Baan Unrak in Pictures || Shoe Project in Pictures |

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