Summary-2015 fund raising projects

What a thriller the year 2015 has been for Bike-Aid (Singapore).

But what thrillers are there for the beneficiaries of Ride for Rations (RfR) 2015? Would they not be concerned more with what is on the stove and on the plate? let’s reel back to the year in action in Bike Aid.

Wasn’t it awesome that as cyclists filled their pledge cards, another programme “Giving Back to Cyclists” was unfolding. What more with workshops on proper cycling techniques, preventing cycling injuries, proper stretching and even yoga!

Alright, now payback…..and everyone did. Raising funds so that 330 households and 100 primary school children can continue receiving their monthly rations and daily breakfasts respectively. As we raised, we raced……or rather cycled. 240km…. from Malacca to Singapore. There were moments of fun….and pain….like the head winds for over 40km from Batu Pahat onwards. Where nature brought our speeds down to the teens….as if telling us that such is the pain too of empty stomachs.

Thank God, it wasn’t all in vain. Just like other supporting events…..the 1000km ride that dovetailed in with the Malacca-Singapore ride…….the sale of potted plants, photo portraits and the recycling of bicycles for resident.

But wouldn’t giving a fishing line be preferred over giving fish? Certainly, if only we could nip the problem of poverty in the bud. And the idea of a study corner for under privileged children began to gain traction.

Thanks to Prudential, Prudence and all sponsors without whom there wouldn’t have been the Prudential Charity Ride. It was on a bright, sunny morning that 165 cyclists took to the road…..covering either 50km or 100km round island. With the blazing afternoon sun, would you blame some who found a short cut and covered 93km!!? After all, the funds have been raised; plans are progressing ….. and soon we will see the birth of a study corner in Chai Chee.

And this will require mentors, volunteers, teachers, counsellors, etc. That calls for another thriller. Make sure you volunteer!!


Ride for Rations 2015 – The memories

Ride for Rations 2015   (Malacca – Batu Pahat – Singapore)

2015 was another milestone for Bike-Aid (Singapore). 2 charity fund raising were organized — Ride for Rations and Prudential Charity Ride.  Prudential Charity Ride was based on the idea of helping to shape a better future for the children and youths residing in the Chai Chee estate, much in line with giving a fishing line over giving fish to nip the problem of poverty in the bud. Thus the idea of a study corner for under privileged children began to gain traction and Prudential Charity Ride was organised to fund it.

Ride for Rations (RfR) 2015, the 5th in series was held on 22nd to 23rd August; involving as many cyclists and support crew as in the year before; namely about 150 cyclists with close to 20 support cars.

The spirit of RfR lived on through RfR 2015, which was entirely planned, run and managed by volunteers, who did an excellent job of it. The satisfying
experience of past participants, both of the ride itself and their involvement in the cause, saw RfR 2015 registration being brisk and fast.

Similar to RfR 2014, RfR 2015 also included a RfR 1K route, where about 10 cyclists cycled a total of 800 km unsupported and they dovetail into the final leg from Malacca to Singapore, covering a total of 1000 km.

Unique to RfR 2015 was the “Giving Back to Cyclists” through workshops on proper cycling techniques, preventing cycling injuries, proper stretching and even yoga!.

The weather conditions during RfR 2015 were indeed more challenging this year even though the RfR 2015 route was the same as before – imagine having headwinds for 40 to 60 km of the route on both days with intense heat on the first day. Participants even cycled on about 1 km of road being re-surfaced, even though this section was inspected as fine a week prior to RfR.

RfR 2015 also saw the involvement of motor-bike support crew escorting the cyclist from lunch point on day 2 to Singapore, some of whom have been inspired to cycle in 2016.

Against initial concerns of RfR 2015 ability to meet its modest fund raising target of $320,000/-, RfR 2015 surprised all by surpassing the target and raised $346,000.00.


RfR funds will support 330 needy families and resident in Chai Chee, Hougang and Marsiling registered with the Neighbourhood Links of the charity, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd with monthly food rations worth $70/- and 100 school going children with monthly breakfast rations. Bike-Aid (Singapore) is liasing with Sunlove to increase the number of children receiving breakfast rations
through RfR 2015 by a minimum of 50%.

As in past RfRs’, RfR 2015 had plenty of positive feedback. Many found it a meaningful and enriching experience in terms of giving back to society and raising awareness of the need for help in Singapore. They also appreciated the thorough organisation and planning of the event including the dedication and commitment of the support crew, noting that it was entirely organised by volunteers.


There was no organizational costs incurred for the RfR 2015. Participants paid for their own accommodation, meals and various other individual costs incurred in the course of the Ride. Thus every dollar and cent collected in donations was channeled to the beneficiary.
Cyclists and supporters, keep the wheels rolling for Ride for Rations 2016!


RfR 2015 video

RfR 2015 write up